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Crochet Jean Patch

I bought a pair of light brown distressed stretch jeans, but they had a bit more distressing than I liked. The one hole exposed a good part of my thigh. I saw Pinterest posts with crochet jean patches, so I thought I’d try this method. None that I could find were very specific, so I […]

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Yarnthreads Almost FUBAR

Well, not exactly but almost? I think it happened when I changed hosts and my sql file became corrupted last June, and I hadn’t realized it. Well, I hadn’t been keeping up with my projects on this site and finally got the energy to move it which was economically better. I didn’t check all aspects […]

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I have recently realized how much I love texture, especially in needlework and fabrics. Like most things in life, however, texture must be done thoughtfully in reasonable amounts. A little texture here and there goes a long way, and stands out to the eye. Some of my favorite texture types:

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Stainless Steel Knitting Needles

Ok, I’m not a newbie, so how come I have not heard of stainless steel needles until now? I guess I have not ventured out of my little world. I have used wooden needles for “slippery” yarns and nickel or aluminum for “sticky” yarns in the past. Stainless steel just sounds good. They’re strong yet […]

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