Crochet Jean Patch

I bought a pair of light brown distressed stretch jeans, but they had a bit more distressing than I liked. The one hole exposed a good part of my thigh.

I saw Pinterest posts with crochet jean patches, so I thought I’d try this method. None that I could find were very specific, so I decided to figure it out as I went. I started by taking measurements of the area while wearing them, then dividing that in half and cutting a piece of styrofoam to insert into the leg to prevent me from getting the crocheting too tight. I cut all the connecting threads. With a needle and yarn, I did a blanket stitch about every 1/4″ around the hole, and then started a single crochet for the first round.

I did an hdc row for #2 and dc’s for row 3, decreasing when it seemed like the stitches would be bunched up or too close together. This seemed better to me than trying to do some fancy math on a shape that was not really a true oval. It worked out well. For the third row, I did a 3dc cluster every third stitch on the sides and every 4th stitch on the corners. After that, it seemed like I could just slip stitch it closed, which is what I did. I thought it turned out great!



I have recently realized how much I love texture, especially in needlework and fabrics. Like most things in life, however, texture must be done thoughtfully in reasonable amounts. A little texture here and there goes a long way, and stands out to the eye.

Some of my favorite texture types: