I have recently realized how much I love texture, especially in needlework and fabrics. Like most things in life, however, texture must be done thoughtfully in reasonable amounts. A little texture here and there goes a long way, and stands out to the eye.

Some of my favorite texture types:

Stainless Steel Knitting Needles

Ok, I’m not a newbie, so how come I have not heard of stainless steel needles until now? I guess I have not ventured out of my little world. I have used wooden needles for “slippery” yarns and nickel or aluminum for “sticky” yarns in the past.

Stainless steel just sounds good. They’re strong yet light, and very smooth, great for speed knitters. I have also heard that if you tend to knit too tightly, these needles can make a looser stitch in your project. And unlike nickel or aluminum, stainless steel is less likely to scratch or dent.

Here is the set I ordered on Amazon. This is a fantastic price for a whole set! I’ll post an update when I use them in a project. I’ll probably get some of these circular ones too.