Summer Shawlette


Post Script Shawlette by Kiki Geiger
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Method: Knit


Hook Size:


Habu Textiles A-25 1/3.2 Cork Chenille, Off White
1 Skein


Started 6/18/19. It seems like I have to consciously knit pretty loosely for this to work. 6/19/19: Finished, but would have definitely added many more rows to make it longer if I had more yarn; I have to sort of stretch it to make it go around. But it is a wonderful texture and I’m glad I made it!

At the pattern site at, one of the photos showed what looked to be the shawl made with eyelash yarn. I just found out it was Habu Textiles Cork Chenille. Can’t find it for sale anywhere in US (every place says it’s out). I’m trying to get a skein from someone’s stash, hope I can get it!! Update: 6/18/19 I ordered and received a cake directly from Habu textiles today! It only took about 4-5 days to get here (from Portland).


Started: 6/18/19
Finished: 6/19/19